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220 kilovolt substation Dragon Year of production safety record 10,000 days

Date:2016-1-14 21:31

Staff carrying out security checks

     Yesterday morning, in western Henan's first 220 kilovolt substation substation gantry ushered safe production 10,000 days of the historical moment, and hit the province of the voltage level of production safety record.
        220 kilovolt substation Dragon was founded in 1979, in 1981 the completion of commissioning, April 1, 1982 officially put into operation, located at the foot of the Western Hills gantry. It was the first 220-kilovolt Luoyang substation, Luoyang City, the second power supply has been charged and the District, Song County, Yichuan, Luanchuan powered task. Currently, the station is still responsible for the new district and waterfront powered mission in Iraq, and has been used as a base station, the jurisdiction of 14 sub substation.

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